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High school sweethearts, Dean and Joyce Kuebler, moved their family of five to Crescent City, California in 1971 so that Dean could pursue his work as a commercial fisherman.

Joyce, a full time housewife, found some part-time work in 1974 with a local furniture store, Durbins Bargin Barn, to help make ends meet. When weather conditions prevented him from going out commercial fishing, Dean too worked there helping with deliveries. Six months after they started they made the decision to sell the boat and buy Howard and Trudi Durbins business. It was the start of the Kuebler family business that has lasted 40 years so far and is looking to the future with a third generation of the family now involved.

After building up the Crescent City Store over the course of 15 years the family began looking for ways to expand. They naturally looked toward the central valley where the weather was better and the access easier for inventory. Shasta County, with its mountains, lakes, weather, and the I-5 corridor was instantly attractive.

In 1989 they opened their second store in Anderson, California and moved most of the family there. Alan Kuebler, Dean and Joyces oldest son, started as the manager there at the store and within a few years was General Manager of the business. This was only the beginning of the expansion.

When Roberts Furniture Store in Roseburg, Oregon, came up for sale the Kueblers were quick to see the potential in the lovely Southern Oregon town.

They opened the store there in January, 1992 and Valerie Kuebler, who had gotten a degree in Interior Design at Brooks College in 1982, along with her three children moved there to work in sales and offer free design guidance to the Kuebler’s customers. Valerie continues to live in the Roseburg area and works in the Roseburg store to this day. Sadly, in March of 2014, shortly after closing for the day, our Roseburg store burned to the ground. Thankfully, no one was injured.

In 1995 an opportunity came that the Kueblers Family could not pass up. Rubenstein’s Furniture in Salem, OR, a long-time institution there, had gone out of business 2 years previously and the historical building in which they had spent many years was available.

This allowed the Kuebler family to open a store in the town where Dean Kuebler was born, and where his family had made a definite impact on the city and surrounding area, as the presence of Kuebler Boulevard, named after Deans grandfather, makes evident. After 6 months of remodeling they opened a store there in May, 1995, and began the era of Multi-Gallery stores. The Salem store had Broyhill, Kincaid, La-z-boy, and Lineage Galleries. Dan Kuebler, Dean and Joyces youngest son, moved into the Cottage Grove area so that he could work in the Oregon stores in the warehouse and repair departments.

In July of 2001, Kuebler’s was offered a great location and store in Eugene, Oregon, which allowed for great representation between Roseburg and Salem. It opened with Lane, Broyhill, and Lexington galleries.

In 2002,  Kuebler’s Furniture had the good fortune to be offered a chance to be the anchor store in the Shasta Center in Redding, CA. The possibility of an increased market, while still being able to keep their homes in Shasta County was appealing and in March 2003 the Redding store opened with Lane and Broyhill galleries.

In 2005 the difficulties and cost of getting inventory into the Crescent City store, and the fact that all of the Kuebler family were living in other cities, led the company to sell that store and focus on the I-5 corridor. Eugene was closed in 2005 when the lease was terminated. The two remaining stores are going strong as are Dean and Joyce.

In 2011 Dean Kuebler retired to take advantage of the great fishing in Lake Shasta, while Joyce continues to work full time designing and buying for all the stores.

Kuebler’s in the Future-

When asked where the Kuebler’s Furniture business is going in the future, the family looks toward the third generation of Kueblers that are even now working in the various stores; three at last count. Alan Kuebler, the General Manager, sees possible future expansion into new markets in Northern California and Oregon all the while keeping in mind Dean and Joyce Kueblers’ dedication to traditional values and most of all to the excellent customer service after the sale upon which they started and built the business so many years ago.

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